“In our future,
there will always be more future.”

Massimo Bottura

We are a restaurant group. But first and foremost, we are a family. Francescana Family began in April 1995 when we opened a small restaurant with big dreams. As chefs and team members grew, new projects evolved to express their voice, their ideas, their perspectives. Today the Francescana Family is more than a family of restaurants around the world. It is also a hotel, an acetaia producing traditional balsamic vinegar, the Villa Manodori brand of artisanal condiments, as well as all of our cultural projects from Food for Soul to Tortellante. Francescana Family is tradition and evolution. Inclusivity and diversity. Contamination and experimentation. Inside and outside. Francescana Family is our beautiful present, that’s already becoming the past and making way for new ideas. Because the future is not a place, but a state of mind, and you cannot inhabit it. You imagine it, you build it, you prepare it. It is necessary to learn to love it. That is why, as Massimo, says “In our future, there will always be more future.”